Spring Clean!


Spring is upon us and I’m feeling the need to scrub and clear out the house. I don’t wear vintage or retro every day and I do own sweat pants (shhhhh! It’s our secret!). On most days I try my best to dress like me though. I love finding uniform tops that have a retro flair when thrifting because it gives me something to clean in, that isn’t rags. Nine times out of ten, I end up needing to leave the house for something and this way I still look put together even though it’s utilitarian. Plus they have huge pockets!

I keep my makeup simple on “around the house” days — that way if I have to make a run to the store I don’t look too haggard. I take my foundation and mix it with both primer and moisturizer. Just a dot of each on the back of my hand swirled together. It evens the complexion without being too done. Dab on some concealer, a touch of liquid blush, lip gloss, caramel eyeshadow, mascara, and then dust with a mosaic brightening powder. Five minutes. Done.

Keeping my hair out of my way is important too, because I’m not going to worry about styling it if I’m just going to wash it out after a while anyway. Sheer scarves are my favorite for this type of day or when it’s super humid.


It’s pretty much a standard that I’m going to wear a brooch. I made a handful of these custom ice cream cone brooches and have sold all but one. It’s waiting for a “flavor” if you’re interested let me know.

Now to get back to my chores.

Happy Vintage!

What I Wore: 60’s Batik


When I was in Jr. High, my textile arts class learned to batik. I remember how frustrated some of my classmates were with the breaks and bleeds of the dye that make a batik, well…a batik. I fell in love with the uniqueness of the process. The inability to duplicate that piece of art ever again is fascinating. I own a few batik style prints. This one is one of my favorites. I wore a copper coloured cardigan and swirled bangle (not pictured) with caramel coloured flats.

This is an Art Nouveau style brooch that I thought paired with this dress nicely. IMG_1992

It was perfect outfit for our double date to a local burger and wings joint. Not too fussy.


What I Wore: Groovy Hawaiian


It was feeling Springy outside and it was a very welcome change! I needed all the colour I could wear at once and definitely found it in this slightly psychedelic dress. I realized though that I am lacking in bangles. I’ll have to hit the markets this summer to remedy that. Everything I have is “warm” or red. IMG_1482I added hot pink bakelite hoops and a very 60s pair of necklaces. I think this is going to be my “cruise” dress assuming I ever go on a cruise.


Around Town: The Haggle Shop

Hanging at The Haggle Shop in downtown Kingsport today.
Interesting things abound. IMG_8675

Terrifying children’s squeaky toy.


I think I used to have this honeybee friend.


He’s the most adorable water pitcher ever!


I got excited for an art print…then disappointed….


As we all knew, I have *very* expensive taste.

A Guide: Date Naming Your Items

A little note from me to you.

I get asked often, both online and by those around me things like “What’s the difference between retro and vintage?” and “Is this really an antique?” The vernacular in my world can be really confusing to outsiders (I say that lovingly). Especially when you are bombarded at the mall with signs in stores and online that advertise MOD, vintage, retro clothes with only a narrow few followed by the word style. In order to clarify some of that for you I’m going to give you a quick and dirty guide to the terminology.

We’ll start with the basics.

Antique: Generally used to describe an item of 80-100 years or older. Associated with a certain quality standard.

Vintage: To be used for items 20 years old or older.

Retro: Any item assuming distinct characteristics of a true vintage item.

A little more complex. These are the two I see most commonly misused.

Midcentury/ Midcentury Modern: Exactly as it sounds. Items, typically not in reference to clothing, from the mid 20th century. With a certain group of characteristics that span from 1950 to the mid 60s.  At this time, all items that are Midcentury are vintage.

Mod: This is a style. Typically associated with bold, geometric shapes and/or colour-blocking.  Most recognizable as 1960s pop culture fashion, but an acceptable term for currently produced items with these characteristics.

Finally, where people seem to get so very confused is modern manufactured clothing and items.  This is where -style and -like come into play most often. 

Vintage-style/Antique-style: If an item is new, but resembles, with or without intent of mimicking, an item from a previous era. This could be used as well with specific eras, fashion eras, or influential groups. For example “1940s style” , “Edwardian-style”, or “Flapper-style”.

An item can be both Retro AND Vintage at the same time: In the 1970s, there was a resurgence in 1940s style clothing. The 1980s was host to 1950s inspired fashions. (See what goes around does come around!) Today items like these are both retro; because it took inspiration from a previous era, and vintage; because they are greater than 20 years old.

Modern Vintage: This is a newer term that many vintage loving ladies (and I’m sure some gents) may be familiar with. For those of us that are handy with a needle and thread and put it to use on a vintage pattern with authentic fabric for the period  in question, these new creations are vintage with the exception of the time of their assembly. It goes the same for jewelry and other accessories. You have a stash of bakelite from the 30s-50s, they’re all blanks, and you create a brooch using only vintage findings. This is vintage bakelite, but a new creation. This term is arguably the most controversial of those listed, and understandably.

Do you have a term you would like explained or defined?
Did this clear up any confusion for you? Create a new question?

As always, I’d love your comments and feedback!