Spring Clean!


Spring is upon us and I’m feeling the need to scrub and clear out the house. I don’t wear vintage or retro every day and I do own sweat pants (shhhhh! It’s our secret!). On most days I try my best to dress like me though. I love finding uniform tops that have a retro flair when thrifting because it gives me something to clean in, that isn’t rags. Nine times out of ten, I end up needing to leave the house for something and this way I still look put together even though it’s utilitarian. Plus they have huge pockets!

I keep my makeup simple on “around the house” days — that way if I have to make a run to the store I don’t look too haggard. I take my foundation and mix it with both primer and moisturizer. Just a dot of each on the back of my hand swirled together. It evens the complexion without being too done. Dab on some concealer, a touch of liquid blush, lip gloss, caramel eyeshadow, mascara, and then dust with a mosaic brightening powder. Five minutes. Done.

Keeping my hair out of my way is important too, because I’m not going to worry about styling it if I’m just going to wash it out after a while anyway. Sheer scarves are my favorite for this type of day or when it’s super humid.


It’s pretty much a standard that I’m going to wear a brooch. I made a handful of these custom ice cream cone brooches and have sold all but one. It’s waiting for a “flavor” if you’re interested let me know.

Now to get back to my chores.

Happy Vintage!