Around Town: Trust, Delicious Trust

There is a fantastic brick oven pizzeria in Johnson City called Scratch. It’s the perfect blend of “local hangout” and “sketchy hole in the wall”. You can tell them what you don’t want (i.e. onions) and order a Trust Pizza. That’s right my friends, you trust a hippy to make you a pizza. It’s an exciting experience, and when you get your box, it’s like a Christmas surprise. A delicious Christmas pizza surprise.

IMG_6985 IMG_6982 IMG_6979

IMG_6989 IMG_6978


Part of the fun is determining what all is on your creation, because they don’t tell you.

Our Trust Pizza: Corned Beef, Italian Sausage, cheese, mandarine oranges, olives, spinach pesto, red and green bell peppers, tomato sauce, and white sauce. (and possibly hash. I’m not sure.)

I got to wear one of my favorite “new” vintage dresses too. I’ve been hanging onto it for a while.

Made for a great date.


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