One of my favorite things is finding hidden gems in purses, pockets, and cubbies of things I bring home. I find some very strange and interesting items and decided to start a new blog series documenting them to share with you!

Today I was looking through a box of pocketbooks for Autumn and pulled out one I’d forgotten about having. Cool! It’s like shopping in the luxury of my own home and not spending anything else to boot!


The little envelope is from the Elizabethton Floral Company in Elizabethton, Tennessee, formerly located at 424-426 Elk Avenue. It has aged tape over the addressee, but it either says “Bride” or “Prude”. I’m going to bank on Bride, but I’d like to think someone was so bold as to send flowers addressed to someone as “Prude”!


Inside was a tightly folded piece of generic notebook paper with a handwritten letter in pencil. The writing is cursive and looks masculine. Unfortunately the paper is quite brittle and the pencil is starting to fade.


Here is the transcript, all spelling and punctuation is as it appears on the original:

Dear Nell,

     Maybe you think I have done a lot of things that isn’t right for a Christian.. and I know I have my self. I’ve been thinking about speaking to you for sometime, and mentioned it to Jean but, I couldn’t pick up enough courage until Sunday night.

     Forget all that has been done and said if “Possible” I’m sure I can – and forgive to. And if I’ve said a lot of things. I’m sorry maybe I was mad when I said them. Just forget it all, because I have. We can be friends again that is if you care to. I feel so glad to know you aren’t mad at me. Please I’ll try to be nicer to you if you wish to be friends.


That’s it.
It just ends like that. Yours.


I need to know! Did you send this with flowers or tuck it in an envelope from a keepsake drawer. Did you make up? Who is Jean? WHO is Nell?

I may be able to shed light on one of those questions.
Last year, I purchased a large lot of goodies from an auction in Elizabethon and the name Nell is one I have found throughout several boxes. I know nothing of the person herself, just artifacts that I believe to be associated directly with her. Although I do not recall purchasing a purse at that sale, it’s possible. It’s just as possible I picked it up elsewhere in the area.  Of course, as I make my way through them, I’ll share if I find out more.

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