I’m an Influenster & I Love Trying New Things

I mean, for the most part, who doesn’t? A new makeup product, a hidden gem  restaurant, salon services…And even more than just trying these things, I like to tell people all about them. I’ve had several websites over the past five years, some that I made solely for the purpose of sharing my thoughts on products or services. I decided to streamline and will start sharing all that information here under the review category so they’ll be easy to find.

For two years now I’ve been a member of Influenster. A cool, rapidly growing review site that pairs me with, usually, the right type of merchants and products to test so I can give them feedback.  I’ve lately been picking up steam with the company and have had more opportunity to test and review for you! Influenster  is a trove of information from other bloggers and reviewers. If you’re torn between two mascaras? You can scan an item in store from their app, or search from your desktop to look up a composite  score, see reviews, even view ingredients on most items.

So, how does it work? Well once you sign up, you’re asked several questions so they can see what you’re into. Every so often, you’re sent a link to a questionnaire about a specific product or package that Influenster has matched you up with to see if you are the right fit from all the candidates. If you are a match, your sent a box of goodies at no cost to use and review. During the review period you can earn additional points, earn badges and get perks all for completing review tasks. It really is a fun way to try out new things. Influenster is open via invite and if you are interested in joining, just click here to sign up! I’ll be sharing information on the latest items I’ve received soon, so check back!