It’s been a while. Again.

I’ve kinda been blogging on the fly…and not doing a very good job of it. My life has been probably the most chaotic it has ever been over the past year, and although I’m exhausted, I’ve never been happier over all.
I’m super excited for all the blessing that have been rolling my way recently. I know there’s so many more wonderful things coming and the Universe is taking care of it all as I order it.
Thomas and I are soon to celebrate 6 wonderful months of marriage. We have a wonderful home and amazing neighbors. I have a dedicated office now for The Atomic Squirrel, albeit packed to the brim in vintage with no room for my desk yet. I’m looking forward to my new schedule that will allow me more time with my aforementioned amazing husband and to work on the Squirrel shop and website. Plus, so many new prospects in the upcoming year with my new home and life here. We’ve been working in the yard and I’m planning some landscaping….I’ll be getting my hands dirty in a good way.
So for this summer I look forward to vintage recipes, gym days, painting and creating, bonfires, grill outs, karaoke on the deck,  mint juleps and time with friends.
What are you getting into?