Wedding Wednesday: It’s Almost Here!

I’m excited to share that we are under the 50 day mark in the countdown to me becoming a Mrs. and Thomas getting a really awesome wife! So many things left to do, but so many things have once again fallen in as they should have thanks to the Universe aligning just right.

My dress arrived. No pictures will go up yet, as that’s one of the few traditions I’m seriously sticking to; let’s just say it’s really pretty. I decided on cottage roses and calla lilies as my flowers. A friend of a friend is making our cakes and she does killer work. RSVPs are starting to come in. Lastly we won a huge wedding photo package from Southern Belles Photography that includes all of our engagement, bridal and wedding festivity photos with two photographers. Considering that we’re doing most stuff handmade and super budget friendly, that was a real blessing to receive. Now we’ve just got to get a date set soon for our engagement photos!!1!

We registered, which in and of itself was an Adventure! After attempting to complete this in person, and experiencing technical difficulties… we did it online. We opted for Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond for sensible, honestly usable items. However, we are an eccentric couple and personal, creative, vintage or tactical gifts are most definitely acceptable! (Thomas says bullets and firearms are a win with him!)

Many of our guests are coming from out of town. So I’m composing a post on places to stay and things to do in the area coming up a little later.

Many thanks to all of you for your support, love and advice as we make a place for ourselves and embark upon our BIGGEST Adventure yet!