Around the House: Nashville Style

When Tennessee license plates looked like Tennessee. They are welcome to bring this back as far as I’m concerned.

I practically grew up in a living, breathing history museum. Just a few things I snapped pictures of when I visited the family. There weren’t a lot of photo ops on this trip. Perhaps next time!


My Grandmother.


Every time I go home, there are “new” treasures. This enormous book is a bound copy of the Nashville Tennessean newspaper for the whole month of September, 1924.  I want to just sit and read the whole thing. It’s fascinating.

IMG_6360Miss America contestants. September 1st, 1924. I think the third girl has such a cheerful, friendly demeanor, and the fifth girl is stunning.


Around Town: Highlights From a Quick Nashville Trip

Last week I took a short trip to visit my family. There are so many neat things to do and see that I rarely get to partake in more than a couple when I’m there. However, I got to work with my Daddy, and Mom and I did get to do some wedding brainstorming and shopping while I was in.

….of course there was thrifting. There’s always time for thrifting.

My parents and I went to a little Mexican place that served guacamole in large stone pigs. It was delicious. 

Mom and I visited a cute eclectic shop in East Nashville called Old Made Good. OMG! They have vintage, up-cycled and various locally handmade items.

IMG_6389 IMG_6378

It’s worth dropping in just to be jealous of their floor.



Wedding Wednesday: Dress Me Pretty

Steps to getting married:

1. Meet Handsome Man – Check
2. Fall in Love – Check
3. Get Engaged – Check
4. Find a Place – Check
5. Set a Date – Check

As many of you know, especially those who followed me from my previous blog, I’m engaged!! That feeling doesn’t wear off, and it’s awesome! So, here we are. 2013, and I’m going to be a bride!!

I’m currently on the hunt for a dress. I found one, took off with it like a bandit, but it doesn’t fit. :(  However, if you too are going to be a bride, this is fantastic news because it’s in the shop along with some other great accessories for your big day.

In the mean time, I’ll keep on searching. I’m sure the Universe will align everything so one beautiful dress falls right into my lap, like our venue did.

Random Picture Post

Around my home, because tiny poodles are the best.

Because sometimes, there are pictures to share for no reason besides there’s not really a post for them and they’re on your phone.

What I wore wedding dress hunting and thrifting with Mother.

60’s Dress – Thrifted
Brown Belt – Thrifted
50’s Shoes – Estate sale

563641_10100645350120556_499254442_nMy current favorite pair of shoes. I wish I had two or three pairs of these. I’m afraid I’ll wear them out.
Red Moccasins – Thrifted

581295_826987588656_853869767_nOn my way to the post and the grocery. (Excuse my mess)

1940’s suspender dress

…And lastly my favorite meme ever and a shout out to my Alma Mater, Nashville School of the Arts:


Back to work.