Thrift Finds & Party Prep

I love finding things that were never intended, or expected, to last very long. This haul is probably one of the most fun and random hauls I’ve had in months.

Here’s a few more close up pics of my finds today.

I love this set of 1950s poodle coasters. I keep thinking how cool these would look on hung on the wall. IMG_5971

 Plastic Floret Coasters, in original packaging. When I was a kid, these were the best for separating my beads and sequins in.

IMG_5972 These cheeky shot glasses are from the 1970’s during the conservation movement and I’m pretty sure they have never been used.


 And then there’s these….. How could I pass up vintage toilet seat covers that are in their sealed package? Nothing says dedicated to the vintage life like carrying your own Tidy Totes!


Lovely Pyrex starburst and boomerang carafe. I can’t decide what I’ll be serving in this, but it will be seen a lot this Summer!


And speaking of Summer plans, I’ll be doing a post here soon featuring Amy Vanderbilt’s Hostess Guide and Party Diary. I just love the graphics in book. Besides the carafe, this is my favorite find in today’s haul. It hasn’t even been used which is great for me, but I would have been curious to read someone else’s party diary.




Spirit Animal Indeed.

Two of my favorite people in the movie industry! They made such a handsome couple on screen and had such a wonderful dynamic. In all honesty they remind me of Thomas, my wonderful fiancé, and I.

I joke around often and say that my spirit animal is a squirrel. We both love them! I stumbled upon this perfect image and must share. Behold.

This is a movie promo picture with Myrna Loy, William Powell & a giant shadow squirrel. I have no idea what movie this is for but it’s one of my favorite images!