What a Lovely Way to Start the Day

On most normal mornings, normal being relative, you will find me musing over my daily dose of vintage, catching up on the internet-based social media mayhem, and preparing for your standard set of chores with a cup of tea or two.

Though today all started with coffee. Sometimes it’s just what I need to get me going. Especially when it’s in an adorable mismatched set like this!

These are part of two separate thrifting adventures last year. This vintage restaurant/diner ware is so over the top when you mix and match it. Thinking I may go to all random pieces of vintage diner ware.

A Wonderful Christmas

I am so blessed by all the love and support that my family, both blood and chosen, give me in all my endeavors.

For Christmas my wonderful fiancé got me my very own website, this one here, and all the goodies that come with that, including his priceless “forever” tech support (Hooray for marrying my very own tech guy!), and lights for my studio! He sent me to THIS site, and on it was a very lovely note describing what all was included in my gift and how much he loves me. ::Collective “Awwwwe”::


Atomic Squirrel logo sign I painted for the shop.

From henceforth you can visit here to see pictures, reviews, tutorials and  on-going of the shop. There are lots of great things happening and I cannot wait to share them with you!